Extra curricular activities, trips, outings and special events

Trips and outings

We invite our children and families to join us on annual outings to family farms, the aquarium, museums, family picnics and Pantomime visits. We take groups of children on regular trips to the local libraries that are close to each nursery.

Sports 4 Tots


Sports 4 Tots visits our Pre-school aged children twice a week for a 30 minute session. Award winning multi-sport programme introduces children to a wide variety of sports and a varied and diverse range of skills. Our lessons are structured, exciting, educational and above all FUN!

Our lessons incorporate specific skill acquisition and exercises that help a child’s physical and cognitive development. We aim to improve core fundamental skills such as agility, balance and co-ordination and also social skills such as communication, listening, sharing and team work. Our lessons include colour recognition, counting and lots of fun association games involving animals and characters. Our lessons fit in with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and adhere to the guidelines stated by Ofsted and the National Curriculum.
Beam Academy Yoga

Beam Academy Yoga

At Little Cherubs, we've partnered with BEAM ACADEMY (www.beam.academy) to offer yoga and mindfulness classes to children.

During the classes children are led through fun stories and adventures, role-play, songs, games, warm ups and relaxation combined with yoga inspired postures.

Apart from their own incredibly imaginative stories, BEAM ACADEMY also adopts popular children's stories like The Three Little Pigs, The Gruffalo, Giraffes Can't Dance and seasonal stories to fit in with Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day and Chinese New Year etc…
Little Mando Schhool


At Little Cherubs Nursery we are passionate about providing our Children with a range of different learning experiences, one of which is Mandarin Chinese. We've teamed up with MANDO SCHOOL where Children learn Mandarin Chinese using multimedia through fun story-led adventures, role-play, games, songs, listening and speaking activities.

At MANDO SCHOOL, they believe in making learning fun! They adopt the following teaching ethos: - Use simple, repetitive language. Children learn best when they are exposed to simple, repetitive language. They use short, simple sentences and phrases, and repeat them often. - Use visuals. Children learn best when they can see what you are talking about. Topics include greetings, numbers, colours, family members, friends, animals, nature, body parts, emotions, food and drink.
Incredible Eggs

Incredible Eggs

Every year, during this project the children have the opportunity watch them hatch, start to move, pet them and even watch them swim and splash.

We want to reassure all involved that the hatching project was sourced both ethically and responsibly and hopefully make those goodbyes a little less sad. It’s a beautiful, fascinating, project which also provides an insight into traditional, small-scale approaches to farming. Each farm is family run with many years of small-scale poultry keeping/breeding experience.


We believe curiosity is the key to long-lasting and effective development for children in their early years; and together we aim to nurture happy and confident children, ready to embrace the world with wide eyes, open hearts and inquisitive minds!

Babies & toddlers will experience these award winning sessions during their nursery day, twice a month. Each class is tailored to each specific age groups with links across all prime & specific areas of the EYFS. During every session your child will embark on a sound journey telling a story set to music.
Little Cherubs

Nursery Graduation

Each year we hold a nursery graduation for our school leavers. It’s a great way to make a big fuss of our children before they start their next journey onto school, many of whom have been with us since children joined in our baby rooms.

We also hold parent school leavers workshops to help share information regarding their next step onto school and help ease those worries!
Boogie Mites


Boogie Mites visit the all the children once a month. Their mission is to introduce new and inspiring songs to capture the imagination of young children and to contribute to our rich and varied music provision.

Each session is structured to incorporate a wide range of themes, enabling the children to explore the world of music, drawing on everyday experiences.
Language Class (French)

Language Class (French)

Our qualified language tutors visit the Preschool children each week where the children are introduced to a language through a range of songs, rhymes and fun activities.

Each session follows a theme (colour, shapes, places to visit etc) so the children can follow along as they acquire a larger understanding of different languages and cultures. Languages are changed periodically.
Photography Day

Photography Day

Each year we organise for a professional photographer to take beautiful portraits of the children for parents. Priceless memories as children grow over the years.

Christmas Party

Christmas Party

We host an annual Christmas party in a local hall with food and children’s entertainment for all children and their families. It’s a great get together to build bonds between staff & families & to see children having fun outside the nursery setting.


Fundraising events

We believe in doing what we can to support children’s charities, holding special events such as bake sales, fancy dress/pyjama days, sponsored walks and raffles. Some of the charities are have supported in the past are Children in Need, Barnardo’s Big Toddle, Crisis, Comic Relief/Sports Relief, Jeans for Genes, Marie Curie daffodil appeal.

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